Switch off in the evening when WFH

Switch off in the evening when WFH

We’ve found ourselves in yet another lockdown (thanks, Boris!). For many of us, this means more working from home. And less work-life-home-life balance if we’re not careful. Just closing the laptop screen is not the same definitive end of your working day as a commute home was, leaving everything behind at the office, or in the uni lecture hall. It’s really important to be able to keep your downtime separate. Having the evening to switch off and feel refreshed and ready to take on the next day is crucial.

So, to help you mark the end of your workday, we’ve got some tips and advice below to make lockdown a little easier.

Recreate your foodie-favs



No email-checking or doom-scrolling here! Instead, consider planning a meal you’re excited about, has something caught your eye whilst you’ve been scrolling through Instagram? We’ve linked one of our favourite vegan recipes by Insta-chefs @avantgardevegan above – Gaz Oakely shares all of his tasty recipes online, which means you can watch his videos and follow along, so there’s no excuses to become a ‘stay at home food connoisseur’.

Turn up the music, get cooking, then serve up your dish complete with an INTUNE cocktail for a proper restaurant-level experience, and if you’ve not got anyone to join you in person, FaceTime a friend and eat together.

Get outside and out of your head

Remember that morning commute that you probably wished was shorter, but now you kinda miss? Maybe marking the end of the day used to be a walk through busy city streets, or a train ride that helped you decompress.

Pretend you still have that commute! Close your laptop and head out for a walk around the block to get some fresh air and unwind. You could listen to a podcast episode, we personally love The Courage Makers, Every Little Thing, and My Dad Wrote a Porno. Let this be a chance to completely switch off and enjoy some good listening.

Take yourself to the home-cinema

Create a cinema worthy movie night. With lots of films having to change from cinema-releases to moving to streaming services for their debut, we’d recommend renting or streaming a film you haven’t seen before for that at-home cinema experience. Nothing screams relaxation like being surrounded by the smell of popcorn with a great movie on the screen.

Making the most of your evening by following one of our CBD cocktail recipes

Our cocktail recipes are a fun activity and even more fun to drink, so why not make the most of your evening and plan a cocktail-making night over Zoom with friends. Our simple but tasty serves include our CBD mixers so you can concoct a delicious drink as you wind down. The CBD drinking experience helps you to switch mode, our personal experience with CBD is that it helps us to find calm and balance, ideal for unwinding in the evening, without lacking the sense of party. Follow our recipe below...


  • 50ml Everleaf bittersweet aperitif (non-alcoholic but you can switch to alcohol if you like)
  • INTUNE Ginger+
  • Juice of ¼ lime
  • Fresh ginger cut into julienne (thin strips)


  • Add ice to a glass and build the drink by adding the aperitif, lime juice and fresh ginger.
  • Top with our CBD Ginger +
  • For ultimate taste, we suggest garnishing with angostura bitters bleed and a slice of ginger.

You can try some of our other cocktail recipes, and if you want to know more about our mixers and what they do, click here.

We know it can be hard to know how to switch off and make the most of your evenings when you're working from home, but we also know how big of a difference it makes - especially in lockdown - to keep your work and relaxation separate. When you’re well-rested, you’re ready to get sh*t done!


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