CBD cocktails: summer recipes

CBD cocktails: summer recipes

We recently hosted a live CBD cocktails making evening with Foundation.Fm - the female-led online station celebrating and giving opportunities to all genders and communities in the music industry.

The takeover included home tips and tricks by our Founder Hannah Glasson for the ultimate CBD cocktails. So, get your cans at the ready and your best party from home outfit planned because we’re about to tell you how to make three of our favourite CBD cocktails...


  • Ice block. Using clean water (can be pre-boiled for extra clarity) fill up an ice cream tub or tupperware. Freeze (Remove your ice from its container, and use a rolling pin to break up the ice into large rocks)
  • Rolling pin/whacking tool & tea towel
  • Knife, chopping board, stirrer, spirit measure (egg cup works)
  • Strainer (a little sieve makes a good substitute)
  • A selection of glasses you like serving proper drinks in

Cocktail in the CBD

A citrus serve using Belsazar Vermouth.

Belsazar Riesling Vermouth

INTUNE Grapefruit & Mint

Fresh mint

Citrus Fruits

  1. Fill your glass with ice and cut your chosen citrus fruits into skinny half wheels then add to glass
  2. Add 40ml of Vermouth
  3. Top with INTUNE Grapefruit & Mint (you can also add soda for extra fizz)
  4. Garnish with mint 
  5. Stir and enjoy

Fire Up

A fiery, spicy serve using Crystal Head Vodka.

Crystal Head Vodka

INTUNE Pomegranate & Ginger

Half a chilli (deseeded)



Tropical syrup - boil up 1 part sugar with 1 part water with dried and/or fresh pineapple and leave to cool with pineapple inside

  1. Add the ginger and chilli to a mixing glass (less is more, you only need the size of half a finger nail of each)
  2. Add 50ml of vodka 
  3. Add 30ml of tropical syrup
  4. Muddle all ingredients together (you can use your rolling pin)
  5. Take a clean glass and add ice
  6. Strain and top up with INTUNE Pomegranate & Ginger 
  7. Give it a good mix
  8. Use a knife to slice some orange peel, twist then add to drink


Tropical Hops 

A non-alcoholic serve with pineapple notes using Caleño.


INTUNE Elderflower & Hops

Tropical syrup - boil up 1 part sugar with 1 part water with dried and/or fresh pineapple and leave to cool with pineapple inside, 1 lime

  1. Add ice to your glass
  2. Add 50ml of Caleño
  3. Add a couple teaspoons of your pineapple syrup
  4. Top up with INTUNE Elderflower & Hops
  5. Give it a good mix
  6. Cut a lime into wedges - add one to your drink and use another to squeeze lime juice into it
  7. Serve and enjoy


Let’s keep this party going! Head on over to our IGTV mix along tutorial where you can shake up these delicious CBD cocktails. What are you waiting for? Come and join us and get your groove on!

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