What makes INTUNE the best CBD drink?

What makes INTUNE the best CBD drink?

What makes INTUNE the best? It’s subjective right? Well, yes and no. The “best CBD drink” for you, might not be the best for someone else. It depends on personal preferences. Like still or sparkling water. Bread and butter or bread and oil. But, here’s why we think we’re the best.


INTUNE CBD Drinks are the most awarded CBD drinks in the UK. Don’t believe us? Here’s the list:

Great Taste Awards for:

Grapefruit + Mint
Elderflower + Hops
Pomegranate + Ginger
Ginger + Lime
Tonic + Orange 

The Drink’s Business & The Spirit’s Business Blind Tastings:

Grapefruit + Mint: GOLD
Elderflower + Hops: GOLD
Pomegranate + Ginger: SILVER
Ginger + Lime GOLD
Lemon + Yuzu: SILVER
Tonic + Orange: SILVER


The quality of the hemp used to produce CBD ingredients can significantly impact the final product’s quality. Our CBD comes from a reputable farm in Colorado which minimises the use of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilisers, which can contaminate the final product. In addition, since the hemp plant has strong phytoremediative characteristics, our CBD comes from an area where the soil itself is pure and clean.


As CBD is still a relatively new industry, it’s vital to use a company who is accredited and on the Novel Food approved list. Which of course, INTUNE is. We also use a third-party lab to test each and every one of our products so you know you’re getting what it says on the tin.

The Ingredients:

There’s no point, in our eyes, of bringing one fantastic ingredient into our bodies., only to counter its positivity with other nasties. That’s why our drinks are 100% vegan, natural, and with no added preservatives. We don’t use artificial sweeteners, and our drinks are naturally low in sugar with no added caffeine.

What Other People Say:

Here are just some reviews we’ve had:

“Simply put, the best tasting CBD drinks on the market.” - Google Review

“The flavours of the whole range are so good - a real cut above.” - Alice Lascelles, Financial Times

“I’ve tried a few of the top CBD drinks currently available and INTUNE are hands down the best.” - Amazon Customer

“We love the drinks both at home and have a secret stash at work… very moreish and calming and I have tried a lot of CBD…proper lifesaving liquid!” - Rob da Bank, DJ

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