INTUNE CBD drinks are delicious, refreshing soft drinks that you can enjoy at any time of day or night. They won’t make you high, they won’t make you tired and they won’t give you a sugar rush.  Did we mention that they are also extremely tasty so even if you don’t know the first thing about CBD you can just go with the flow and enjoy a grown-up soft drink.

CBD’s effect is different for everyone but we have designed INTUNE CBD drinks so they’re perfectly balanced and suited to be enjoyed multiple times of day on different occasions from at your desk to the dancefloor.  The best way to find out how INTUNE CBD drinks can fit into your life is to give them a go!  

You won’t get high, you won’t fall asleep.  What you’ll feel will be different for everyone.  But what we can promise is that you’ll love the taste of INTUNE CBD drinks – the potential physical and mental effects you’ll experience are just a brilliant bonus.



Each person's endocannabinoid system functions slightly differently making the effects of CBD unique. Different INTUNERS and customers have had different experiences. Some have sharper focus (HELLO, deadline), others have crystal clarity (decisions, decisions ), while others experience a calming influence (goodbye glass of red wine). We advise you to try CBD out for yourself so you can see how it affects you. You won't get high or nod off, but we’re positive you WILL  gain something positive from CBD.

Our drinks will increase the sensation you already know & love if you use CBD oil or other products. With INTUNE, you can supplement your current products throughout the day for even more of the good vibes.



We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe in them! Our team and customers have all had great experiences enjoying the lifestyle dose of CBD in our INTUNE drinks, although the impact of the CBD can be experienced differently by different people.

Consuming CBD in the form of a beverage is an easy and delicious way to add CBD to your wellness routine. CBD is a powerful plant component that has so many benefits for our bodies. Most people who’ve tried CBD use it to slow down and chill out, but its positive effects don’t stop there! It can give you better focus, reduced anxiety and inflammation, mental clarity and a feeling of balance.

As you can see, CBD is an incredible ingredient! We’ve paired it with a selection of carefully curated flavours to create a range of Great Taste Award winning drinks. 

But we believe the only way to truly answer this question is to pop a can and try them out for yourself!



As we mentioned above, CBD is a superhero of the plant world, with so many positive effects on the body. But WHAT does it actually do in the body to promote such amazing results? Meet the Endocannabinoids system! Endocannabinoids are similar to cannabinoids, but we produce them in our bodies. The endocannabinoid system regulates lots of important processes in the body and when it’s working optimally it makes you feel balanced – positively impacting your mood, memory & sleep as well as having great health benefits to inflammation, cardiovascular system, liver function and the reproductive system. So, even if you’re not supplementing your endocannabinoid system with CBD, it’s still working “9 to 5” as Dolly Parton sang,  but adding cannabinoids to your routine can fine-tune the performance of these receptors making everything run even better.



Yes! THC is the illegal component of the hemp plant which makes you high, whereas CBD can’t get you high and rather promotes feelings of calm and focus. Our CBD drinks contain 10mg of CBD per can, which is completely legal in the UK. The legal volume of THC in CBD products is capped at 0.2%, which all of our products adhere to. In the UK, CBD is currently going through regulation with the Food Standards Organisation (FSA), however, a small number of businesses, such as ours, have been given advanced certification to trade.



There has been no evidence suggesting CBD and alcohol cannot be consumed together. Some early research shows that CBD reduces the alcohol level in your bloodstream. Watch this space for more research in this exciting emerging category. 



CBD comes from the cannabis plant (yes, we said it), but it’s not the active component that makes you high. Introducing THC, the naughty cousin of CBD that’s responsible for the high, the munchies and the most well-known association with the “green leaf”. In the UK THC is illegal and CBD products can only contain a maximum if 0.2% of THC to comply with regulations. So you can be safe in the knowledge that all INTUNE drinks have passed this legislation and will not get you high. 

Our cans contain 10mg of CBD per can, which is a comfortable lifestyle dose that can be enjoyed throughout the day and will promote feelings of focus, clarity and relaxation.

Bottoms up!

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