Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds - and government policy - these days, so it’s important for us to incorporate excellent sustainable practises in our business. Naturally, there’s a balance between growing profits and ensuring we make all of the best decisions for the planet. So, below we outline our current practices and aims for the future.


How sustainable is CBD farming?

The sustainability of CBD farming greatly depends on the farming practises used by the growers, the environmental impact of the cultivation and the socio-economic impact on the local communities.

Like all farming practices, how sustainable they are depends on the methods used by the farmers. Sustainable practices may include regenerative farming, organic methods, avoiding harmful chemicals or pesticides, and conserving water and energy. We’re proud to work with Mile High Labs in Colorado, who have extremely high standards, meaning you can always trust the CBD in our products. Their commitment to quality spans everything from the farm, to the lab, to the customer!


In addition to the farming practices, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of establishing a hemp farm. Consider whether the CBD farm was involved in clearing large areas of land for their production,  and if they have water and energy conservation practices in place. It’s also important that the local biodiversity is protected when establishing the cultivation of the hemp plant.

Much like land clearance, it’s also important to understand the impact on the local community, ensuring there’s no unnecessary displacement of communities and that all workers are fairly compensated for their work.

So, in summary, the environmental impact of CBD production is entirely dependent on the producer you work with. We are happy to say that with Mile High Labs, are are working with a high-quality supplier, powered by great people.


Our suppliers

As taste-makers, it’s important to us that we source the best quality ingredients for our drinks, while keeping the health and happiness of the planet in mind. In addition to our CBD supplier, most of our flavourings are from Europe – Italian lemon, Bulgarian rose, serenade chilli from the UK. Others are from further afield, like Bahamian cascarilla bark, yuzu from Japan and quinine extracted from cinchona calisaya bark coming from Peru. In the future we’d love to source as many ingredients as possible from the UK and Europe to further reduce our environmental impact, while maintaining our high-quality and celebrated taste.


The can, can!

We serve all of our INTUNE CBD Drinks in 100% recyclable aluminium cans. We’ve chosen these vessels for a number of positive environmental reasons. As well as giving a beautiful, sparkling drinking experience and looking great, cans:

  • Are infinitely recyclable! Our cans are made from 70% recyclable material.  Did you know that if you drink one INTUNE today it could be back on a shelf within 60 days? Exactly.
  • Lower your carbon footprint by up to 80% in comparison to glass bottles.
  • Help you to save money, by providing the perfect serve size = no waste.
  • Our slim cans are perfect for stacking and storing, meaning they take up less fridge space when cooling.
  • Protect the liquid from external factors such as sunlight or contamination, meaning you get the best drink possible.
  • They’re more robust than glass, so require less protective packaging in transit
  • They’re light to transport - so result in less emissions on the road.


As well as using cans, we ensure that all of our delivery boxes and paper inserts (which we keep to a minimum) are made are made using FSC approved cardboard when possible.


100% natural and vegan

All of the ingredients we use in our CBD drinks are 100% natural, responsibly sourced and feature no “nasties”. We look for ingredients that have had minimal intervention, from fruit juices to CBD extract. If you can’t say the name, it’s unlikely we’d consider it for our drinks. Because of this high-quality approach to sourcing, we’re proud to have won Great Taste Awards for all of our core CBD Drinks.


Made in the UK

We produce all of our CBD drinks in the UK to help reduce transport emissions for the final products. 



Whether CBD and CBD drink are sustainable or not depends on a variety of factors, including suppliers, packaging and quality. We’d recommend looking for companies that are transparent about their processes and produce a high-quality product.

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