Mix up your day and get in the zone with CBD

Mix up your day and get in the zone with CBD

It’s all been pretty crazy these last few months, to say the least. Working from home might have been kind of fun (no one noticed your pyjama-clad bottom half when on Zoom), but now, you never want to bake another loaf of sourdough or see your colleagues on Zoom again. So, if you're on the hunt for ways to mix up your day, keep reading...

Let's shake things up! Our new mixers are our 2021 inspiration for mixing up our day, literally, designed to help you find tasty balance amongst life’s chaos. We’re here to share our top 3 ways we mix up our day and get in the zone - let’s smash lockdown (for the last time, we hope!).

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Fake it ‘til you make it

Fake your commute! It might sound weird, but bear with us. Faking your morning or evening commute with a bicycle ride or just stepping out the front door for five minutes will help create a transition into (or out of) work-mode. Lack of transition time is a fast track to burning out. Simple things, like putting on an outfit that makes you feel good and listening to a funny podcast before work can make you recreate that morning routine and commute that you may have lost.

A bit of variation at the start and end (or even in the middle!) of our day helps keep us refreshed and energised. Start one morning with a walk, another with a leisurely pancake breakfast - there are no rules in this crazy time.


The power of the playlist

Music can really get you in the zone. When we’re having a tough day there’s nothing better than putting on some good tunes to energise you and help you into a better frame of mind. Recently, we spoke to musician FABER, who talked about the power of music to help you stay focussed and motivated. It’s definitely a really good tool - and one worth having some fun with!

If you need somewhere to start, we’ve created three playlists for each of our flavourful mixers. We’ve put together Tonic+ for some sweet, modern indie soul, perfect for a relaxed work-from-home vibe. Lemon+ is a zesty and soulful boost to power through the colder mornings. For a bit of sit-down shoulder-shimmying and some punchy tunes, we’ve got our Ginger+ playlist for you. Make your workday happier and more productive with some of these mood-boosting playlists.

Switch it up with CBD

Of course, we’re big believers in the power of CBD to help you focus. A can of INTUNE at the right time can be the perfect pick-me-up of the day to refresh your mind and refocus you.

You could try a can of Grapefruit & Mint at 9am, perfect for tackling those first-thing emails and planning out your priorities for the day. Or maybe Elderflower & Hops or Pomegranate and Ginger at 1pm, the perfect lunchtime accompaniment to take a breather and help you recharge.

For the ultimate unwind after you’ve closed all your tabs and logged out for the day, one of our tasty mixers is the perfect switch-it-up treat. Which time of day is best for you to help you mix it up?

We’re holding an exciting competition now to help you mix up your day and bring the party home to you! Enter our #mixupyourday competition for a chance to win a weekend party in a box, including a variety of mixers, snacks and tunes delivered straight to your door in our brand new electric CBD float, Cosmo! Visit this link to enter and bring some joy to yourself and a nominated friend - you both have to be within London’s Zones 1 - 3 and be sure to enter before midnight on February 21st.



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