INTUNE with Monty Curran

INTUNE with Monty Curran

“INTUNE with” is a new series, where we get the opportunity to ask an inspiring individual an array of questions. We are able to unpack what spurs them on, helps them find focus and where they source their inspiration.


Monty Curran, otherwise know as Thiago Silver Jewellery, is a 23-year-old silversmith from the depths of the British countryside. Monty has put his degree to one-side to pursue his passion, jewellery. He creates handmade sterling silver pieces and all-inclusive accessories, perfect for any occasion.



What spurred you on to start making jewellery?

Around October 2019 I went on a day’s jewellery making course because my mum couldn’t make it. I learnt the basics of making a ring and I really enjoyed it, however, at the time I didn’t think much of it.

During the first lockdown, around April, I like most of the world had not much to do, so I thought I’d have another go at making some rings and hopefully bling myself up a bit. Through YouTube videos and trial and error I slowly got better at making. I showed a few friends what I’d been up to and they suggested I should start trying to sell them. Over summer I’d received some interested and sold a few and by Sept/Oct I was making jewellery full time.


What other creative outlets do you partake in?

I mostly work with photography and sound recording, however I dabble on photoshop.


Where do you feel most inspired?

Just seeing anything I really like, or think is cool: whether its clothes, jewellery or a video. Makes me want to make something myself. To be honest I don’t really have a time or place where I feel most inspired.


Favourite piece you’ve made 

I used to have a few favourites but now it’s definitely this design. I was commissioned to make a thumb ring by a customer who gave me complete freedom with the design. With some trial and error, working with a range of different thicknesses, this was the outcome. The name of this design is called SANZO.



Most played song right now

Changes constantly but right now its probably, Lord I Know – Kid Cudi. I will have ruined it by next week over-playing it.

And finally, what’s your favourite INTUNE:

Grapefruit & Mint


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