INTUNE with Darrien Saveski

INTUNE with Darrien Saveski

"INTUNE with" is a new series, where we get the opportunity to ask an inspiring individual an array of questions. We are able to unpack what spurs them on, helps them find focus and where they source their inspiration.

Brightening up everyone’s experience during their visit to Marmelo, a sustainable grocer and catering store in East London, it was hard to resist getting a little more INTUNE with Darrien! Finding out more about his makeup artistry, inspiration and of course.... what his favourite INTUNE flavour is! 



Darrien: "It’s hard to sum up what I do, because I’m kind of all over the place to be honest. I left my home in Arizona as soon as I could when I turned 18 and I moved to Los Angeles. I only stayed there for about a year and a half before I sold most of my belongings and packed my bags and moved halfway around the world to London! My mind changes frequently, but I’m hoping to start a proper career as a makeup artist. Alongside that I do digital illustration, the occasional graphic design, photography, interior styling, drawing, painting... Basically whatever I’m feeling that day. As a makeup artist, I’m hoping to one day improve the beauty industry by reducing its impact on the environment while opening the doors for everyone of every skin colour and gender."


What inspires you?

"My surroundings and other works of art! It could be anything from a movie I’ve watched, a song I’ve listened to, or some beautiful scenery I’ve seen out and about."


When do you feel most focussed?

"This is a tricky one - focus has never been my strong suit! I have a tendency to jump from one project to another. Usually, I just rely on my passion for whatever I’m doing in the moment to keep me focused."


When do you feel your most creative?

"When it comes to makeup, it’s definitely when I’m getting ready to go out for something special. Something about that ritual of makeup application really pushes me to get creative with my look... Which often results in me turning up fashionably late for wherever I was meant to be."


Where do you find solace/feel most at home?

"With the way I grew up and how often I moved around (and continue to move around even as an adult), I’ve found I can make a home for myself just about anywhere. It’s the little things that make it!"


Favourite makeup look you have done:

"Definitely this one from London Pride 2019! I used a rainbow’s worth of eyeshadows and turned them into eyeliner by using a mixing medium. I think it turned out quite well!"


Favourite cocktail?

"I visited Hawaii in 2018 and had what’s called a Lava Flow. It’s a mix of strawberry daiquiri and piña colada, which are two of my absolute favourites on their own. Seriously. Even as a kid during our holidays to Mexico I would always try and convince my mom to let me have some of her strawberry daiquiri. I never won, of course."


And finally... what's your favourite INTUNE flavour?

"Grapefruit & Mint INTUNE!!"



Make sure to follow Darrien's instagram  to see his makeup looks and artwork: @darriensasha

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