INTUNE with Daisy

INTUNE with... Daisy, Founder of Löfte

INTUNE with... Daisy, Founder of Löfte. Löfte is a sustainable fashion platform; carefully curated by Daisy showcasing beautifully made clothes and skincare brands, which are mindful of their impacts on the planet. Löfte donate 20% of their profits to eco-conscious charities, so "You never have to choose between style and ethics" again!

INTUNE with Daisy

How did Löfte come about?

I’ve always worked in fashion and love how it helps you express yourself and I’ve always been inspired by the creativity of designers. But then a few years ago I came across a school who were protesting against climate change. It really shocked and moved me and from that moment I started educating myself about the harmful effects that the fashion industry has on the environment.

I then decided to only shop sustainably. I discovered incredible brands but wanted to be able to shop them easily in one place… and so I created Löfte! It started with a successful crowdfunding campaign and now has become my full time job.

What does the name stand for?

Löfte means ‘promise’ in Swedish. I’ve always been inspired by Scandinavian style and at Löfte we promise that every brand has been carefully selected for both their style and their sustainable practices. You never have to compromise between style and ethics.

You obviously care a lot about the environment. What is one thing people can do more of that would benefit the environment the most in your opinion?

Be curious. Be more mindful about the products you are buying and how you live. Becoming more aware is the first step in making positive change.

What do you do to relax?

If I’m honest I do struggle to relax and it is something I am always trying to prioritise! Yoga, meditating and listening to music definitely help me to unwind and spending time with friends is the most important.

What three items (fashion, jewellery, accessories, and skincare) that you couldn’t live without? 

Gold hoops, comfy jeans and organic moisturiser. (+ CBD!)

What was the highlight of your first pop up?

The first day setting up was incredibly hard work as we had to get the shop set up as well as everything prepped for the launch party that evening. I definitely underestimated how much work it is to organise something like that on your own! But during the party I did take a moment to take in the atmosphere with all my brands, family and friends there, and just how beautiful the shop looked. It was quite overwhelming but that was definitely my favourite moment. It was a real ‘I can actually do this’ moment.

  Löfte pop up store front

What’s next? What exciting things have you got planned for the new year?

Löfte is part of a sustainable concet store at 500 Oxford Street, so come say hi and explore our wonderful brands there! We are also launching a TV campaign so keep an eye out for us on ITV Be!

What skincare product do you think everyone should own?

A good moisturiser that works for your skin. I have sensitive skin so I can’t use too many products on it and finding the right one has been worth the hassle. I use the Mean Green Superfood Drops from Löfte. It is 100% organic and vegan and is just pure goodness. 

Describe your perfect Saturda night.

Depending on what mood I’m in, either getting dressed up and going for a fancy dinner or drinks or staying in with friends to watch a film and get a takeaway.

What’s your favourite INTUNE flavour?

I love the Ginger+ CBD mixer. It’s so delicious - ginger is one of my favourite mixers and I use CD everyday so it’s perfect

        Löfte fashionLöfte fashion
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