How to stay focused with: FABER

How to stay focused with: FABER

There’s nothing better than music to get you through the day, and you should never underestimate its power to switch up your frame of mind. We have a playlist for every mood — from how to stay focused on a Monday morning to the calm tunes getting us through a long Wednesday afternoon. 

For music artists who have had to adjust their routine, it can be tough to remain productive and easy to let procrastination take over. It’s safe to say we can all take a little inspo from artists on how they maintain productivity throughout their busy lifestyles. To find out more about how musicians stay focused and do what they do best from home, we've interviewed one of our favourite South London Based musicians, Hannah Smith, who performs under the name Faber.  


Faber is known for her rocky edge and her soulful vocals taking inspiration from both Beyoncé and Skunk Anansie, she’s an up-coming artist absolutely worth listening to.

We decided to chat with her to see how she stays on track throughout her busy day. 


How difficult is it to find focus in your everyday life?

I used to find it difficult to find focus and stay motivated - but I realised that if I don’t do any work, then I don’t make any progress. I also have hypothyroidism which for me, means that I get fatigue and I find it hard concentrating for long periods of time. So the thought of pushing through that makes me even more motivated. I found that once I got into the habit of having a proper structure - it is much easier to focus!

Your go to song to make you feel in the zone?

Hard question! It depends what mood I'm in and what I'm about to get stuck in to. If i’m about to write a new tune for FABER, I’ll probably listen to a song by ‘Cinematic Orchestra’. If I'm writing for a session for somebody else, I'll probably listen to the demo I've been given repeatedly. It’s really important to me to soak up all the emotions on a track beforehand so that I can write in the appropriate mood. I always like to listen to music in the mornings when i'm cooking or getting ready, and I really like to start my day with some positivity - so i’ve made a playlist on Spotify called ‘Ready, Get Set’ which always puts me in a great mood (It’s also a playlist I run to often).



What does a day of ultimate productivity look like for you?

Ultimate productivity for me is doing a workout in the morning after some breakfast. Then i’ll get my head stuck in a project from my to-do list for a few hours before lunch. After lunch, I'll carry on with my to-do list until dinner when it's time to relax. I don’t tend to do any music after I eat, as evenings are my down time, and my few hours of space to chill out. Sometimes I might film a cover or practice some guitar but that’s because of pure enjoyment instead of wanting to get things done.

What do you do to reset and prepare for a new week?

Tidy my room! For me, having a clean room equals having a clear mind. I’ll also review my diary at the end of every week to see what i’ve got coming up so I can start to mentally prepare myself for the days ahead. A good night’s sleep every night and a to-do list is also majorly important for me to be able to gather my thoughts and kick-ass the next day.

And finally, which is your favourite INTUNE flavour?

Pomegranate & Ginger (I’m a Ginger fiend!)



We really enjoyed hearing FABER's tips on finding focus while maintaining such a busy lifestyle. We know that finding focus is easier said than done and we love to see how others take control and find their balance.

Our mission here at INTUNE is to help you find focus when you’re living an ‘on-the-go’ life. We’ve created a range of CBD drinks in a variety of flavours which from our personal experience helps you stay focused throughout your day whatever you may be doing.  Whether you’re in the music industry like FABER, running a business or even a student, INTUNE is the perfect drink to fit into your lifestyle. 

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