How To Focus When Working From Home

How To Focus When Working From Home

Working from home has become the norm in 2020 and although there are plenty of advantages (hello, flexible schedule and home comforts), adjusting to this new ‘normal’ can have an effect on productivity levels. That is why it is so important to keep yourself motivated through to the end of the working week and find that focus to smash your to-do list. 

Here at INTUNE we are experts on finding focus, so here are some of our top tips on how to focus when working from home.

Have a dedicated workspace

We know that working from home can come with many distractions, but if you create a dedicated workspace, you’ll be sure to find your focus. You want to avoid your entire home turning into ‘work’ so that when it reaches the end of the day, you can close all those tabs, switch off and relax.

Up your home wardrobe game

Zoom call or not remove those pyjamas and grab your power suit (doesn't have to be a suit in the literal sense!). There’s something about wearing a ‘proper’ outfit that makes you feel more energised and ready to start the day. So, jump in the shower, choose a fresh outfit and you’re ready to go!



Match your music to your task

Before you do anything, it’s all about the music! Matching music to your task can really help to focus your mind. Lyric free music is the best and there are plenty of playlists out there - so get in the groove and smash your day of work! We are currently loving this ‘Brain Food’ playlist - the tracks will feed and stimulate your brain, forcing it into mega-zoned in mode.

Create a schedule and take clear breaks

When working from home it is easy to lose track of time and forget to take breaks. Organisation is key and we at INTUNE love a to do list! Write it down and tick it off, and you'll feel a sense of achievement. Most importantly, don’t forget to dedicate some time for YOU. Get some fresh air, take a walk and move your body; whatever you feel will give your mind a rest and a chance to recharge - no one wants that burnt-out feeling.

Drink a can of INTUNE

Our favourite tip yet? We think so! Get through that PM slump with a cold can of INTUNE (a can after lunch is what we find works best to get us through the end of the day). What do CBD drinks do, you may be asking? Well, CBD benefits productivity and helps to focus on the job at hand. It helps us feel INTUNE, you know, that feeling when you’re in the ‘flow’ - in control and focused!



Some days require a little more focus than others, just remember to switch off at the end of the day and reward yourself with work free evenings. Wind down with a can of the best CBD infused drinks and don’t forget to remind yourself to be realistic with your workload. “How I can be focused is just being realistic with myself. I think that’s literally the only way I can get everything done in a day now.” - Katie Gillies.

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