Festival Essentials: Shoreditch Edition!

Festival Essentials: Shoreditch Edition!

As you all know - we at INTUNE love a festival. The music, the vibes, the dirt beneath the finger nails after 4 nights of camping (heaven). 

We've accumulated a list of our festival essentials which you can pick up strolling around our neighbourhood. They aren't mandatory, but you'd be silly not to accept our guidance - especially if you're in the area! 


INTUNE Drinks Originals
1. Whether you need a refreshing pick-me-up, a delicious mixer or a hangover cure.... as always WE GOT YOU! 
INTUNE Originals are the perfect festival drink! So delicious, so refreshing and now SO bright, you'll definitely get spotted in the crowd! 


Shoreditch Nails Polish The Hackney
2.  Your outfit is never completed without that final splash of colour; courtesy of Shoreditch Nails PolishThe Hackney is our colour of choice! But there are many more fab festival colours to choose from!!
Stussy Knitted Hat
3. Headwear is always an essential to any festival; shades the face, keeps the head intact and also hides the birds nest that has sprouted from your head due to highly impressive dance moves, sleeping bags and lack of showering 👍 So this Stussy knitted bucket hat from Goodhood is PERFECT!
Earl of East Hand Cleanser

 4. Earl of East have you covered on the hygiene front with their rinse-free hand cleanser! You can now sleep easy knowing you can jump into those fries hands first and you'll be all good! 

SCRT hoodie
5. It maybe summer, and yes it has been bloody hot recently! But temperatures are ever changing in the UK, and you best be prepared. So when you're next waltzing around Shoreditch head to SCRT to grab a hoodie..... or any other clothing item you fancy!
Let us know whether you've taken your favourite CBD drink to a festival and any essentials you think we've missed of!!!
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