CBD is an incredible ingredient with loads of benefits.  It can help with so many things going on in the body and even if you don’t have a specific concern, lifestyle dose CBD, for example in CBD drinks, can still have a positive effect on you. Because it’s just so damn multi-purpose people sometimes get confused about what CBD in drinks actually does and when they should drink CBD drinks.

That’s why we are here to help.  



Firstly INTUNE CBD drinks are delicious, refreshing soft drinks that you can enjoy at any time of day or night.  They won’t make you high, they won’t make you tired and they won’t give you a sugar rush.  Did we mention that they are also extremely tasty so even if you don’t know the first thing about CBD you can just go with the flow and enjoy a soft drink that’s a bit unusual and grown up.

 If you are interested in CBD though, read on.



CBD is an active ingredient that comes from the cannabis plant.  YES, we said it.  The cannabis plant.  But that’s where the association ends.  CBD is NOT like its bad boy cousin THC which is the chemical within the cannabis plant that makes you high (not that we’d know anyway…).  All INTUNE CBD drinks are THC free.  No highs here.


What will drinking CBD make you feel? Big question. In our experience as a team with CBD we all experience different things ranging from improved focus (great for the end of day deadline) to clarity of thought (decision time) and relaxation (who needs a 6pm beer?).  The only way to know what’s right for you is to give CBD drinks a go.  If you already take CBD oil you probably know how CBD works for you and our CBD drinks will just top you up to enjoy more of that feeling you know & love.  



We deliberately keep our dose at a lifestyle dose of 10mg CBD because we want you to be able to drink our CBD drinks throughout the day – yes even at breakfast if you like.

Our popularity in some of the UK’s best loved burger restaurants GBK suggests that INTUNE CBD drinks go very well with food at lunch or dinner time – Grapefruit & Mint especially providing a refreshing, lightly flavoured kick alongside.

To the other extreme, we know some people love drinking CBD drinks after a workout to replenish and get back in the zone without lots of calories.

We also recommend CBD drinks as the first drink of the evening. INTUNE CBD drinks are a great way to enjoy sophisticated flavours without having to consume lots of sugar or alcohol. 

But no need to stop there.  CBD drinks are the perfect way to see you through the night.  INTUNE CBD drinks are flying off bars in some of the UK’s top music venues and festivals like Printworks and Camp Festival because people want to space out alcoholic drinks for a long night or they want to level up a standard cocktail.  INTUNE CBD drinks won’t give you an energy boost but they’ll keep you going and focused on having a great time.  They also look good on the dance floor.



INTUNE CBD drinks have been designed to be part of social moments and daily routines.  They can be drunk all day, every day if you like.

CBD itself can help you relax and get sleepy in very large doses so you would need a lot of INTUNE to get there.  While in theory, we would love everyone to buy 20 cans a day, we haven’t designed INTUNE as a sleep aid or supplement so the dose is deliberately at a lifestyle dose of 10mg per can.  We think this is just enough to give you a positive effect while keeping flavour a top priority.

INTUNE CBD drinks are recreational products.  They aren’t a supplement or health product, but they are definitely a healthier choice of drink for all occasions that is low in sugar, refreshing and with an added functional benefit.  

If you’re interested in using CBD for specific health concerns there are loads of resources out there.  It’s likely you’ll need much higher doses than CBD drinks usually provide.  



CBD’s effect is different for everyone but we have designed INTUNE CBD drinks so they’re perfectly balanced and suited to be enjoyed multiple times of day on different occasions from at your desk to the dance floor.  The best way to find out how INTUNE CBD drinks can fit into your life is to give them a go!  

You won’t get high, you won’t fall asleep.  What you’ll feel will be different for everyone.  But what we can promise is that you’ll love the taste of INTUNE CBD drinks – the potential physical and mental effects you’ll experience are just a brilliant bonus.


Our CBD drinks are all-natural, sparkling fruit and botanical soft drinks, infused with CBD.

The CBD infused drinks are made in the UK, although our hemp CBD comes from Colorado. Once the hemp has been harvested and dried we use ethanol extraction and fractional distillation to isolate the CBD and ensure all of the THC is removed. The CBD particles are encased in little pockets of fat to create liposomal CBD solution, which is widely known in the vitamin world as creating more efficacious products. This is how we make the best CBD drinks in UK.

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