CBD is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can make you feel many different things.  A lot of this depends on dosage levels.

Quick reminder – CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is the non psychomimetic part of the cannabis plant. In the UK, CBD and CBD products are completely legal and these products do not contain THC which is the psychomimetic part.  Unlike THC, you can’t get high from CBD and you remain entirely in control of your faculties when you take it even at high doses. 

Different CBD dose levels and different delivery systems from CBD drinks to oils to gummies can mean that CBD affects people in different ways, including sometimes helping you ease into a great night’s sleep. And sometimes just getting you ‘in the zone’ to hit a deadline or stay chill in a crisis.

In high doses (around 50mg+) CBD can help you drift off quicker.


Research is still in its early stages but all signs seem to indicate that CBD works on the body’s endocannabinoid receptors to ease feelings of stress and anxiety – serious troublemakers when it comes to nodding off soundly. Simply put, CBD alters the flow of blood in the brain and in so doing can reduce your emotional response to stress.  

In low doses like those in most CBD drinks like INTUNE, this can get you through the day resilient, focused and able to take on the world.  In high doses, you can work with this effect to help you more easily slide into a deep sleep.  

With sleep, there are a lot of other factors involved, and CBD won’t make up for any underlying conditions that might affect why you’re not sleeping well.  But it can definitely help if what’s keeping you up is a busy and stressed mind.


CBD drinks throughout the day… how much CBD to take?  

CBD drinks like INTUNE are mostly intended to be used as recreational products, not health supplements.  So they will still have the stress relieving effects on your brain but they won’t send you off to sleep.  We love the effects of CBD drinks on our nervous systems through the day.  We find that we’re able to take on the day with fewer ‘ups & downs’ and by bedtime, we’re ready to chill.  That’s why we have created INTUNE CBD drinks at a lifestyle dose of 10mg so we can have several throughout the day even in the morning.  



If you're looking for a natural way to improve the quality of your sleep, CBD is a great addition to your routine. CBD can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, making it easier for you to get a good night's rest. However, CBD alone won’t make up for an underlying medical condition that affects the quality of your sleep.

CBD Drinks will make you fall asleep easier if you take a high dose of CBD just before bed. We designed INTUNE CBD drinks to be drunk any time of day or night, not to induce sleep. That’s where high-dose oils, topical creams, bath bombs and gummies come in. We love those too but when it comes to drinks we like to feel chill but be perky enough to party. 


There is a lot of excitement around CBD and CBD drinks at the moment for a good reason.  You’ll be able to find plenty of studies looking at all kinds of effects of CBD from relaxation to stress to sleep to better able to focus. The benefits of CBD appear to be considerable making it the ideal ingredient to mix into your daily life. There is evidence that CBD works to ease the symptoms of many conditions, including reducing overall stress.  There is still work to do in terms of the ‘perfect’ dose and delivery system, possibly because it seems to vary so much from person to person. At INTUNE CBD drinks we think the best way to work it out is to try it for yourself, starting with a lifestyle dose for example one of our CBD drinks with 10mg per can. See you feel. Try oils, gummies - the world’s your oyster.

Why should I drink your CBD drinks if they won’t help me sleep?

CBD’s effect on sleep can be game-changing for some but CBD has so many benefits beyond the sleepy-making ones.

From our drinkers and our team, we get lots of feedback on how CBD drinks make them feel.  We love the wide range of feelings that people experience – a lot of people particularly crave the focus and ‘zoning in’ effect which they report feeling after they drink INTUNE.

At INTUNE CBD drinks we think the best way to enjoy CBD is in a refreshing soft drink that can be drunk at any time of day.  Our priority is to make great-tasting drinks that you can enjoy whether or not you’re keeping an eye on your daily CBD intake.  And if you are, you can enjoy INTUNE CBD drinks without worrying about going over the recommended dose (around 60-70mg) or getting sleepy in the middle of an important deadline.

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