CBD Cocktails to Warm You Up

CBD Cocktails to Warm You Up

Can you consume CBD and alcohol together?

Long answer short, YES! There is no evidence that CBD and alcohol can’t be consumed together. Early studies suggest that CBD actually lowers the amount of alcohol in your circulation. Watch this space for more research in this exciting emerging category.

One of the positive effects we love about CBD is its anti-anxiety properties, which is awesome when fighting the ‘Sunday scaries’ or ‘beer fear’ after a heavy night (it’s important to note that drinking large quantities of alcohol is not advisable).

But, beyond these potential benefits, we simply love cocktails that use our INTUNE CBD drinks! Whether Grapefruit & Mint with Whiskey, Elderflower & Hops with Gin, or Pomegranate & Ginger with Rum, our sparkling botanical drinks are a great addition to any night. Keep reading to find some of our favourite cocktail recipes using our refreshing drinks.


Swap booze for CBD drinks

INTUNE CBD drinks are also a great alternative to alcohol. All of our cocktails can be made with alcohol-free spirit alternatives, or you can simply pop a chilled can of our Great Taste Award-winning CBD drinks and enjoy it solo. They won’t make you high, they won’t make you tired and they won’t give you a sugar rush.  

CBD’s effect is different for everyone but we have designed INTUNE CBD drinks so they’re perfectly balanced and suited to be enjoyed multiple times of day on different occasions from at your desk to the dancefloor.  The best way to find out how INTUNE CBD drinks can fit into your life is to give them a go!  


Swing it, shake it, move it, make it!

Enough of the chat, it’s time to mix. We know that’s why you’re really here. Our team love to experiment with cocktail recipes and these are a few that we are currently drinking. If you give them a go, make sure to tag us on IG @intunedrinks!


Aphrodite – A romantic stroll by the sea, for your tastebuds!


35ml Everleaf Marine
15ml Lychee juice
Fresh lychee
Thyme sprig
INTUNE Elderflower & Hops

Pour Everleaf into a tall glass. Add cubed ice and top with INTUNE Elderflower & Hops. Half peel a fresh lychee and add a sprig of fresh thyme to garnish.



Add 35ml whisky to a tall glass
Add a teaspoon of sugar
Muddle fresh mint

Add ice
Top with INTUNE Grapefruit & Mint
Garnish with a mint sprig


Don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day? We’ll be your friend with CBD benefits.

Whether you're coupled up, choosing self-love, swapping dates for mates or just starting swiping, make sure you're fully enjoying the moment and living life INTUNE this Valentine's with our CBD-infused love potion.


INTUNE Amore - A Negroni by any other name

15ml Saffron gin
10ml Rose vermouth
10ml Aperol
INTUNE Pomegranate & Ginger 

Add gin, vermouth and Aperol to a large wine glass. Fill with cubed ice, pour over INTUNE Pomegranate & Ginger and stir briefly. Garnish with Saffron flowers and an orange twist.

You can either buy a Saffron gin or make your own by adding some saffron flowers to a bottle of your favourite gin and letting it infuse for an hour.



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