5 side hustlers you should be following

5 side hustlers you should be following

Side hustles, everyone’s talking about them! It’s a great way to turn what you love into something more, it’s flexible and if you’re lucky, it brings in a bit of extra money too. When working on your side hustle, it can be tricky to know how to stay motivated and balance where your focus needs to be. Here at INTUNE, we find that the best way to shake this feeling is filling your news feed with like minded, dedicated business owners that can help you to get productive with your passion. We’re here to share our top 5 side hustlers to help you stay motivated!


Shannon Beazley

Based in Manchester, Shannon describes herself as a maker of all the colourful things. She sells brightly coloured, block style prints and cards from her Etsy shop, Penny & Me. Penny & Me is currently Shannon’s side hustle, dedicating her free time to produce vibrant prints and products for customers' homes.  If you want to inject a bit of sunshine into your life, Shannon’s bright and beautiful store is worth taking a look at and whilst you’re there, enjoy watching her grow as she documents her increase in social followers and sales.



Hadrien Chatelet

Hadrien is the King of the side hustle, not only is he Creative Director of The Wern, he also defines himself as a teacher, designer and coach! The Wern is a PR and brand design platform for small businesses, whilst Jolt LDN is where Hadrien switches to his teacher role for those aspiring to conquer a self-made business. Hadrien’s feed is full of life and his can-do attitude really shines through - he offers industry tips, shares his incredible designs and (our personal fave), he has a weekly feature called ‘font friday’.



Jack Fairey

Bristol based filmmaker and photographer, Jack Fairey has side hustles within side hustles - his many creative photography projects are shared over three platforms: Jack Fairey, @inisolationproject and @jacksfilmdiary. If his super impressive portfolio doesn’t make you feel motivated, then we don’t know what will! He has worked with the likes of ASOS, Skinnydip London and Lush. We particularly love his ‘In Isolation’ project and how he turned something dreadful into something to smile about.



Nerissa Pratt

Meet Nerissa and her niche side hustle @theuntldproject: a PR, marketing and social media agency for creative, crafty and independent brands. Nerissa’s can-do attitude is what helped form The Untld Project. She saw a gap in the market that there wasn't an obvious ‘go-to’ agency out there for independent, crafty or creative brands, took the plunge and went for it. She has now worked with names such as IKEA, Debenhams and Kodak (a-mazing!). Alongside The Untld Project, Nerissa has recently launched @thebargelloedit - where she shares her skills and passion for cross stitch through online workshops. If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to boost your side hustle virtually over the last few months, this is a page to keep your eyes on!



Sarina Saddiq AKA @smartsquid 

Alongside her part-time shop assistant job and love for pottery making, Sarina Saddiq creates conscious clothing with the aim to spark ecological conversation. Her passion for spreading the word on the greatness of nature and educating others is inspirational. If you would like to find out more about what she does, we filmed an IGTV with Sarina for our INTUNE multi-hyphenates series, all about how she finds her focus when she has lots of projects going on.⁠⠀


Staying focused can be a struggle at the best of times, so why not give it a go - follow these awesome side hustlers, #SwitchUp your feed and notice how your productivity increases. Here’s to lifting each other up and inspiring one another *raise your INTUNE can*. Here at INTUNE, we are always sharing regular tips and motivation, so come on over and give us a follow too.

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