CBD Drinks and Alcohol!?

CBD Drinks and Alcohol!?

I’m sure you have seen the fantastic cocktails we have been sharing made with our CBD infused drinks on our Instagram and our website. Highlighting our delicious mixers which have received multiple awards 👑  

We have seen CBD grow massively! From oils to skin care, to drinks (and cocktails) and with plenty of fantastic side effects!

However, despite the rapid growth, people are still asking whether “Is it okay to take CBD while drinking alcohol?” – the simple answer is YES! There is no evidence to suggest that CBD and alcohol is harmless. That been said, drinking large quantities of alcohol is not healthy in any case, so please do drink in moderation!  

INTUNE CBD mixers and CBD cocktails

Benefits of drinking CBD and alcohol?

There is evidence to show that CBD “reduces the alcohol level in your bloodstream”, so less drunk = less hungover! CBD is also known to help with anxiety. This is particularly useful to fight gainst the ‘Sunday scaries’ or ‘beer fear’