INTUNE CBD mixers and CBD cocktails


Over the last few years we have seen CBD grow massively! From oils to skin care, drinks (and cocktails) to food and with plenty of beneficial side effects. However, despite the rapid growth, people are still asking “is it okay to take CBD while drinking alcohol?” 

Long answer short, YES! There has been no evidence suggesting CBD and alcohol cannot be consumed together. Some early research shows that CBD reduces the alcohol level in your bloodstream. Watch this space for more research in this exciting emerging category. 

CBD has anti-anxiety properties. This is particularly useful to fight against the ‘Sunday scaries’ or ‘beer fear’, reducing hangovers. It is important to add that drinking large quantities of alcohol is not healthy in any case, so please do drink in moderation.

CBD and cocktails 

We’re sure you have seen the fantastic cocktails that we’ve been sharing on our socials made with our great tasting CBD drinks. On top of the benefits of CBD, our drinks can make great mixers for your favourite cocktails! Highlighting our delicious mixers which have received multiple awards 👑 Discover more of our favourite recipes with INTUNE CBD drinks.

We serve delicious INTUNE CBD cocktails in bars, at festivals and events. Often mixed into simple highballs with a small measure of a sprit, or alcohol alternative over ice, topped up with INTUNE and finished with a garnish.  Sometimes we freeze our CBD drinks to create slushies, or gently heat them to make warming winter drinks. We have received amazing feedback from people who feel more able to tune into the moment with our drinks. 


Can CBD replace alcohol? 

CBD is a great alternative to alcohol for people who choose not to drink, whether for a night or a longer-term lifestyle choice. CBD can help with calm and easing into the moment, ideal for socialising. 

It is important to note that CBD does not cause the intoxicating effect that THC does. Simply put, THC is the illegal component of the hemp plant which makes you high. CBD doesn’t get you high. Therefore, it does not produce the same physiological responses as drinking alcohol would. For example, CBD does not cause any negative effects on motor skills or coordination, which are two common symptoms of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. 

Our CBD drinks are a great way to enjoy sophisticated and delicious flavours without having to consume lots of sugar or alcohol. Similarly, CBD drinks are the perfect way to see you through the night as you can use our CBD drinks to space out the time between each alcoholic beverage. Our CBD drinks won’t give you an energy boost but they’ll keep you going and focused on having a brilliant time. Just to add, they look really good on the dancefloor!


Alternatives to alcohol 

CBD Drinks can make a great alcohol alternative to your favourite alcoholic drinks and beverages. CBD drinks can help you become present in the moment (on top of a wealth of benefits). Alcohol-free and low-alcohol drinks are growing in popularity as many people choose to drink less, better.

Dry January is a time when many people seek out alcohol alternatives and CBD has a role to play in substituting booze.  All the flavour without the hangover. Not to mention the fact INTUNE CBD drinks are low in sugar and 100% natural for those seeking a healthier lifestyle this Dry January and beyond. 


This year, Dry June has taken up the UK by storm. Surpassing the popularity of Dry January. Similarly, Dry July has seen huge growth and participation. It's a great time to join the movement of abstaining from drinking alcohol with alcohol free alternatives and soft drinks. CBD drinks are a great substitute to booze during this hot summer.


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