INTUNE CBD Drinks - where's the CBD from and WHAT DOES CBD DO!?

CBD Drinks - where's the CBD from and WHAT DOES CBD DO!?

INTUNE CBD infused drinks are all natural including our CBD! Our CBD is from hemp and grown naturally, outdoors by trusted and audited farmers in Colorado. We have switched to a CBD isolate from Colorado. It’s a first-class CBD, which performed brilliantly in the efficacy tests we’ve run as a team and is on the front foot with the Novel Food application. As world leaders in hemp production, the knowledge and standards of the Colorado hemp farming community are second to none.

Tattooed man opening INTUNE Elderflower & Hops CBD drink can

What does ‘active’ CBD mean?

It means it is a biologically active ingredient compared with an ingredient that is there simply to add flavour. Our CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system so is considered to be ‘active’.

We get asked all the time: "Does CBD make you high?", "What are the CBD drinks effects?" and "Is CBD good for you?" - to find out more head to our FAQ's 😊